Goar Bermudez Garcia

Goar studied Architecture at the University San Pablo Ceu, Madrid, Spain, graduating in 2014.

Goar was born and raised in a family full of architects in Madrid, Spain. While growing up, the house was always brimming with the passion for design; this cultivated early development and a natural introduction to the profession.

Goar is an outgoing, imaginative, and hardworking individual who loves anyting involving design, creativity, and working with others. Through his career, he's been involved in projects of varying sizes and scale.

Goar started working with his family's architecture office, Proyectos del Mediterraneo,, Spain, as a Junior Architect. There, he worked on small commercial and residential projects until his move to the West Coast of Canada in late 2014.

Goar worked with Stantec Architecture, based in Vancouver, from 2015 to 2017; and Ecosign Mountain Planners, based in Whistler, from 2017 to 2019.
Both firms are leaders at what they do; and Goar worked on many project types and scales in Architecture and Planning. This gave him a wide range of experience and understanding of the design and construction process; watching these large machines come to life and seving the user with teamwork design and all disciplines coming together.

As a lifelong learning process, Goar has been able to experience other cultures, all while travelling and exploring nature and the outdoors, learning from it and incorporating it to his designs.
These experiences shaped his mind,, to always be curious and welcoming change. Goar has a thirst for knowledge, to be more efficient and to improve both in his professional and personal life.

Founded in 2020, Goar is bringing to life his dream to start his own international practice; Goarphitects, with designs built and/or under construction in the Paficic Northwest, between Canada and the United States, and in Spain; headquartered out of Whistler, BC, Canada.

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